Company Management Services

At Asinergy, we support our clients’ needs in setting up a company at Madeira’s International Business Centre. We provide the following:

Residence Programme

Golden Visa

The Golden Visa Residence Programme seeks to attract foreign investment into Portugal by providing a simple and quick residence permit process. By this, non-European Union citizens can achieve Portuguese citizenship and, therefore have full access to EU’s Schengen Area and other EU citizens’ perks.

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Vessel and Yacht Registration

By registering your ship, platform or recreational yacht at Madeira’s International Ship Registry (MAR), you will be gaining access to a high quality ship registry, located within the European Union and fully benefit from the perks of flying a Portuguese flag.

Also, crews are completely exempt from any tax payments and both crews and their employers are exempt from social security contributions, provided they are covered by another social security system. Registration and service fees are highly competitive.

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